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Chinashop is an experiment in creating extremely confined and physically impossible spaces within virtual reality that the player must navigate without disrupting or destroying props in the virtual space. It is designed to test one's capabilities of spatial navigation within a confined space, with a side objective of testing the immersiveness of an extremely-small environment,  where geometries can potentially intersect the space one would expect their body to occupy.


Created by a team consisting of myself, Matvey Tarchutkin, and Patricia Danielle Tan, Chinashop uses levels specifically designed to be only slightly larger than the average human, turning one's own personal space into a maze of objects. Levels, modelling, and concepting were created by Tarchutkin and Tan, while all other programming and mechanics were created by myself. Chinashop was demonstrated to a small audience of classmates, and earned an overall A+ grade.


Download the game here.