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The purpose of this project is to create a VR interface with the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. We seek to explore new applications of VR technology and the potential to extend the boundaries of human-computer interaction or HCI. Exploration will be conducted with a specific focus on audio production, using VR interfaces.


For this group-based project, my role was that of the UI/UX designer in charge of all aspects of the UI, from menus to instruments and beyond. During the early stages of the project I worked with Walter Lim (project leader) to design and create the basic UI elements of the core program. From there, I created multiple concepts for the basic aesthetic layout of the UI (seen below) as well as the prototypical test environment for testing the validity of each UI element. In addition to this, I also gathered all instrumental samples from websites like and


The final UI aesthetic was based off existing "Material" design principles developed and maintained by Google. It emphasizes clean, solid colour contrasts and subtle drop shadows across multiple sharp-edged elements. This helps to generate a sophisticated and graceful environment, while still maintaining clean silhouettes and easy-to-read interfaces. Previous designs were inspired by more abstract depictions found within Hollywood, such as the Jarvis interface found in the Iron Man films or the highly motion-based UI from Minority Report.


Matter was exhibited at the Colab Mid-Year Exhibit of 2016, and was part of the Emerging Pixels #6 exhibit at Aotea Square in November 2016. Matter achieved an overall A- grade.


This experience is no longer available for download.