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Project Charon

Project Charon is an interactive experience designed around deceiving the player into becoming the main protagonist. It aims to bring light to the vast and oft-underestimated business of gathering and selling the personal information of millions around the world, and it does this by taking the player's real personal data and holding it ransom for the experience.


The project was created out of a desire to tell a subversive story that blended fact and fiction perfectly, to the point of inducing a sense of real fear and anxiety in players. It takes a fictional environment - that of the Morello Systems Software Company - blends it with real-world aesthetics and design, and builds a world of pure corporate evil that the player must fight to break free from.


Project Charon was displayed in the Colab Studio of the Auckland University of Technology and was created during my third year of study. It earned an overall A+ grade.


Download the experience here.