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"//ROOT DIRECTORY" is an interactive and fully-immersive exhibit and experience, wherein the viewer is invited to toy with a mysterious dilapidated workdesk and computer, interacting with anything that comes up and learning any information they can find. All of this comes together to create an entire world with a rich millennium-spanning history that the viewer becomes a part of.


//ROOT DIRECTORY was created as a demonstration of the ability to create a universe so rich in story that the outside viewer suspends their disbelief that any of it is fake. It is intended to be a highly-flexible backstory, as well as a more obvious conflict-resolution story built within that backstory. All of this was created to identify with the classic mythological "Trickster", who changes his form and weaves stories and realities all around him, at his own whim. As such, I aimed to do the same with a more technological spin, inviting the viewer to change his form into one that fits this reality that I have created.


//ROOT DIRECTORY was exhibited at the Colab End of Year Exhibition in 2016, and earned an overall A grade.


Download the experience here.